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We lose our tempers often and
are eager to complain.
We criticize each other and
hurt someone else again.

Our angry words are unkind deeds – 
we're justified, of course! But let 
us stop awhile and take some 
lessons from the horse.
There’s goodness in the worst 
of us and if our ways we’d mend, 
permit the horse to show you how
and listen well my friend!
Spend a lot of time with him
then soon you’ll find for sure 
you’re a better person than 
the one you were before.
Your actions are less hasty, for
you’ve learnt to understand the 
value of great patience – look 
how gentle is you hand!
Was it really you that laughed?
What happened to your frown?
And all the rushing to and fro
instead of slowing down?
How soft your voice how kind your tone
how quiet is your style.
Your manner’s different and you look 
much nicer when you smile.
The discipline and self-control
and courage, I can tell
is yours at least; why yes, indeed
the horse has taught you well.

All bitterness has disappeared;
the sadness and remorse.
God knew what He was doing, when
                                        He, made our friend the Horse.             


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