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Here are some samples of Breed Manager 3.0 data entry screens in Windows 95/98 format.
Breed Manager Ver 2.05 in Windows 3.1 looks slightly different.

Pedigree information for your horses is maintained by entering data in the Pedigree window. The buttons to the left of the data fields will activate pop-up "pick-lists" from which you may make selections.

The windows for the different types of records: Addresses, Invoices, Breeding, Competition, Pedigree, Registrations and Veterinary are selected by clicking on the toolbar buttons or by using the pull down menu system.

Breed Manager's Pedigree Menu


This is Breed Manager's Pedigree Quick Preview screen.
This screen in displayed when you press the "4 Gen View" button above.

Yes, the blue underlined text shown below is hypertext! When you click on the hypertext name of a horse, Breed Manager instantly regenerates the pedigree chart for that horse!

Breed Manager's Pedigree Preview


Click on the Save as HTML button and Breed Manager will generate a web document which you can display on you own website!
Print a Full Pedigree Report from the Reports Menu which includes height, description, registration number(s) and the name and address of the Owner of the horse.

Here is the data input window - for Breed Manager's Veterinary and Health records. Identical records may input for multiple horses at one time as shown - a real time saver!

Vet-Health data input window

Breed Manager allows you to create Invoices for your customers. You can print any invoice, a Summary of Invoices for any customer, or a Listing of all Invoices, sub-totaled by month and year.

Breed Manager's Invoice data entry

Breed Manager includes standard Windows Help.
You may Search Help, use the Help Index or call context-sensitive Help from anywhere in the program by pressing the F1 key.

Breed Manager's Help Menu











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